Among Us Mod APK v2021.5.12 (Always Imposter & Mod Menu)

Among Us Mod APK v2021.4.2

Download Among Us Mod APK (Always Imposter Hack) from our website of the latest version of 2021 with 100% working. In this mod apk, you get speed hack, unlocked all pets or skins, mod menu, ghost mode, and many more. By installing this hacked version, you can access many features which you will not found on the original version download from the google play store.

Among Us Hack is the space game where you are inside the spacecraft with your teammates. Among your teammates, there is one/three who is an imposter. You have to find those and kick them from the spaceship. But in this Among Us Mod APK 2021, you can easily find the imposter from the hack feature and helps you to kick the from the spaceship.

If you have already played this game then you know how among us can be played multiplayer with your friends or some random person. You get unlocked all skins, hats, and pets in this among us mod menu always imposter. There is many hack feature on the mod menu of its screen which you can use by tapping and enabling by just one click.

About: Among Us

Do many people have a question in their mind that Why we need Among Us Latest APK Hack? What is Among Us Mod APK? Why you have to install Among Us Mod Menu Always Imposter Hack? and many other questions. In this latest mod apk of among us, you get additional features that you can’t found on the original version of this game. Again you may have questions like What kind of additional features we found in Among Us Hack? Like Wall Hack, Mod Menu, Always Imposter, No Ads, and many more which I described below.

Features: Among Us Mod APK

As you already know, this Among Us Mod Apk has a lot of amazing mod features that makes you to get more kill with the mod menu and always imposter. If you don’t know about the features of the Among Us mod apk, then I have described all the mod features below.

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Always Imposter

among us mod apk - always imposter

As its name suggests, players can always be an imposter in this among us mod apk. In the original version of among us, you can’t be an imposter all the time but in this hack apk you can play as an imposter always.


Using this hack feature, players can disappear from one and reappear in another place. If you use this hack in among us then you can easily disappear from one place and reappear at another pace in the spacecraft.

Random Pet/Skin/Hat Changer

After the game start, players can’t change their pet, skin color, or hat in the original version. In this among us mod apk, you can change your color, pet, or hat even in the middle of the match.

End Vote

When someone reports the dead body then the crewmate has limited time around 120 seconds (as the game settings). Using this mod feature in among us, you can make it 0 seconds then nobody can vote for you even they know you are the imposter.

Complete All Tasks

among us mod apk - task completed

With just one click you can complete all the tasks of yours. It will help you to win the match easier and faster. No need to manually complete all the tasks.

Fake Imposter

Basically, using this fake imposter hack feature you can be assigned tasks even if you are an imposter. So, nobody doubts you and you can easily win the game.

Chat Always Visible

You can only chat with your teammates after someone click the emergency button or report a dead body. But in this hack version of among us, you can chat with your teammates anytime and anywhere.

No Ads

no ads

If you are frustrated with ads while playing this game. Then do not worry, in the mod version of among us there is no advertisement shown in the game.

Unlimited Emergencies

When you play as a player (not as an imposter) then you have only three times to use the emergency button. But you get unlimited emergencies to use in this among us mod apk.

No Emergency Cooldown

When you play as an imposter, if some player has doubt on you that you are an imposter then that player can use the emergency button and kick you out from the spacecraft. But in this among us mod, there is an option no emergency cooldown from which no players can use an emergency button even if they have doubt on you.

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No Kill Cooldown

When an imposter kills any player then he got 10-60 seconds (as per game settings) to kill other players in the original version. But in this among us hack, there is no kill cooldown means you can kill another player as you kill anyone player. You don’t have to wait for 15/20 seconds.

Unlocked All Skins/Hats/Pets

among us mod apk - all items unlocked

There are many skins, hats, and pets in among us. In the game available in the play store, you have to pay real money to use these items. But in the hack version of among us, you get all skins, hats, and pets for free and unlocked.

Player Speed Hack

By enabling this speed hack feature from the mod menu, you can move faster than any other players which helps you to take more advantage.

Among Us Mod Gameplay

In this game among us, you are in the spaceship with your friends. There are around 10 people in the spacecraft and one of them is betrayal. That betrayal friend is called an imposter and has to kill all of your friends of yours. You don’t know who the imposter is and has to find him and kick out him from the spacecraft before he kills all of you. Also, there are many small and big tasks to complete. If you and your friends complete all the tasks before the imposter kills all your teammates then your team will be the winner. But if an imposter kills you and your friends before the the task is completed or your teammates failed to know who is the imposter then the imposter will win the game.

But if you became the imposter then you have to kill all your friends and don’t let them know you are the real imposter. Otherwise, you will be kicked from the spacecraft and lose the game.

Source: YouTube

Download Among Us Mod APK (Always Imposter Hack)

App NameAmong Us Mod APK
MOD FeaturesAlways Imposter, Teleport, Complete All Tasks, Fake Imposter
Required Android Version6.0 or above
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Download Among Us Mod APK


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How to Download & Install Among Us Mod APK?

If you are now sure to download and install the Among Us Mod Apk. Downloading & Installing the Among Us Mod is simple and easy more as you think. Please follow the steps below to download Among Us mod on your android devices.

Step 1: At first, click on the download button and it will redirect you to the final download page of Among Us Mod APK.

Step 2: Download both OBB file and apk file by clicking on the both download button.

Step 3: Enable “Unknown Sources” from the mobile settings like the below GIF.

unknown resources

Step 4: Open “File Manager” and go to the download folder. And open the apk file then click on “Install”.

Step 5: After the process is completed. Now you can open and play Among Us Mod APK on your android phone.

People Usually Ask (FAQs)

While people searching for the Among Us Mod Apk, I know you guys have many queries related to this game. So I tried to answer all those queries. If you still have any questions related to Among Us Mod APK, then you can comment down your queries.

Which version is this?

You get the latest version of the among us mod apk that is v2021.5.12. We’ll update this mod as fast as it gets updated on the play store.

How to Unlock All Skins, Pets, & Hats in Among Us mod apk?

If you want to unlock all pets, skins, & hats in the among us mod. I suggest you to download & install the among us mod apk from our site FreshMindHacks. In this mod, you get all premium items unlocked.

How do you get imposter in among us every time?

There is an option called “Always Imposter” in the mod menu. After enabling this feature, you can always play as an imposter in the game.

Will this mod ban my acc?

No, there is no chance of getting banned by playing this among us mod apk. You can play among us hack without getting banned.

Final Words

I am sure that you get the latest hack version of Among Us Mod APK 2021. You get unlocked all premium items and mod menu in this hack version of Among Us. If you find this mod working then share this article with your friends & family and let them know about this working Among us Mod Menu Hack.

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